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I grew up proud to be an American. When I was in my childhood, I paced emphasis on the word United when I referred to the nation my ancestors fought for and built. When I recited the Pledge of Allegiance, the phrase “one nation, indivisible” stirred me. Over the years I have become increasingly aware […]


We citizens of the United States of America are coming to another election. I realize that you already know this, but I wanted to refer to it as a preface to what I want to share. Most of our emphasis has been on the election of a president for the next four years. I cannot […]


I have seen references to caring people as “snowflakes.” Let me tell you something about snowflakes. There is no sight more beautiful and peaceful as that of giant snowflakes falling silently to the ground. They bring a hush that even the noise and tumult of a busy city submit to. It is akin to sitting […]

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