I just read an autobiographical sketch by one of my Facebook friends. I was impressed by the detail he shared about his life and the details of the people who impacted him. My life has not been as orderly as his. I think back over my 84 years and feel a little like a pinball at play in a pinball machine. To paraphrase another Facebook post, “I have worked hard to keep Jesus from loving me, but nothing has worked.”

I must admit to having engaged in some bad behavior over the years, but every time I fell short or abused the good order of the universe, someone filled with the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation picked me up, dusted me off, and helped me to reorient my life. Over time and through a series of such interventions, I feel like I have become a reasonably decent person.

For several years now, I’ve been trying to pass something forward. I have been granted a number of opportunities to pass forward the blessings which I have received. I’ve been able to rescue people from burning cars, car accidents, assaults, burning buildings, and to give counsel to those who were grieving. I have been appreciative of every opportunity that was placed in my path. Still, I feel as though I have something to give, God, or whatever presence you are comfortable with leading and guiding you, has stimulated my mind through my studies. In the hope and with the assurance that there is still purpose in my life, I still have a great desire to share he understandings I have come to.

I am writing a book outlining how humanity got into the sorry state, my opinion, we find ourselves in currently and to provide some plain and simple steps we can take to extricate ourselves from our tragic reality.

I will be posting snippets from my work as I construct it. This is for the purpose of keeping my friends apprised of my progress and to receive such feedback as my friends feel motivated to offer.

There are many ways to evaluate the great movements of history. Two of these evaluative tools, theories, which have come down to us were written by Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, and the 19th Century German philosopher Hegel. The genius of these two philosophers have given us the capacity to create meaning for our lives, both individually and collectively.

When I refer to the theories of Aristotle and Hegel, I will use the terminology they use to formulate their theories. First to Aristotle. He was a prolific writer, philosopher, and statesman. My interest in his writing is centered in his treatise on the metaphysic.

I will also be referring to the work of one of Hegel’s students, Karl Marx, to compare and contrast Hegel’s dialectic and the dialectic theory behind Marxian thought.

Talcott Parsons formulation of the unit act will also be used to demonstrate the applicability of the authors of the main theories.

I’ve been stimulated to create a set of explanatory themes for making the theories of these august thinkers accessible in the understandings of the great majority of everyday readers.

I am compelled by a force that I do not completely understand to share the understandings I have come to over many years of struggle with the constituent members of the nation I call home in the hope for a more just, more compassionate, and more peaceful arena of life.

Should I begin to drift into the destructive path of self-aggrandizement, I hope my friends will give me a gentle nudge back to the realm of public servitude.

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