We citizens of the United States of America are coming to another election. I realize that you already know this, but I wanted to refer to it as a preface to what I want to share.

Most of our emphasis has been on the election of a president for the next four years. I cannot disagree with the importance of that election. Election to that office is, however, only one of the decisions we will make in this election period.

I submit to you that the election of your Governor and your representatives are at least as important for your day to day wellbeing as that of the President.

So, I am challenging you to use a method of evaluation in making these important decisions. If you are a member of a religious tradition, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, or other. I encourage you to explore the tenets of your religious faith to identify the ten principles which are central to your understanding of moral and ethical judgement.

I you do not follow a religious tradition but identify yourself as a secular humanist, you can still find ten principles at the root of your secular humanism that that are central to your understanding of moral and ethical judgement.

Take the time to evaluate the policy statements of the candidates for whom you have the opportunity to vote. Determine which most closely match the principles you adhere to.

This exercise is a personal one in the same way that your choice of a candidate is a personal one. I do not expect you to engage in a conversation as to what the principles that guide you are anymore than I expect you share your voting preference. You can do that in your own post. I do, however, hope that you will consider this little exercise.

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