I have seen references to caring people as “snowflakes.” Let me tell you something about snowflakes.

There is no sight more beautiful and peaceful as that of giant snowflakes falling silently to the ground. They bring a hush that even the noise and tumult of a busy city submit to. It is akin to sitting by a quiet mountain lake listening to the call of songbirds on a sunny spring afternoon.

Every year snowflakes fall and gather together in the mountains. They blanket the earth with a deep white carpet that fills my soul with wonder. In the spring the collection of snowflakes begins to melt. They find their ways into streams and rivers of life giving waters that provide our fields with plant sustaining moisture. They fill our reservoirs with water for drinking.

As far as human snowflakes are concerned, I proudly accept the title. This snowflake has run into an exploding building to help rescue those who were trapped. That is what snowflakes do. This snowflake has helped rescue people from overturned cars, that is what snowflakes do. This snowflake has gently held those who wept over the loss of a loved one, that is what snowflakes do.

There are many snowflakes living, breathing and caring across our land. No two snowflakes are identical. Those who are fighting fires in the west are snowflakes. Many, not all, of our military members are snowflakes. Many, not all, of our police officers are snowflakes.

For those who deride and dismiss us snowflakes, I wonder how you would define yourselves. Are you hailstones that break windows or strip the leaves and fruits from farmers’ fields? Are you raging fires that destroy everything in their paths? Are you violent winds and raging floods?

In these turbulent times, I am calling for all snowflakes to stand together and stand strong against the violence which seems to be all around us. Spring is coming when we will be needed to provide the life giving sustenance that is resident within our nurturing natures.

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