Citizens of the United States of America have some important decisions to make in the near future. I sincerely hope that every one of us looks at the issues which face us and compares what we see with a deep investigation of our hopes and dreams.

That is for the short term. I am also concerned for the long term. I dream of a just society where government, economics, community and family are so structured that peace and justice rise above the brutish demands for law and order.

Such a society would need to be grounded first in a set of principles which advance the importance of both peace and justice. In such a society government would formulate policies that would reflect those principles. In economics, policies would ensure the inclusion of all in the productive and distributive efforts of the society. I have seen such societies in action, but only on small scale. If we are to have a positive future, we must find ways to structure our society so that we can build on a common vision for the “more perfect union” our forefathers dreamt of.

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