Higley History 1

I recently came into possession of a large book titled “The Higleys and Their Ancestry. An old Colonial Family.” My grandmother, Laura Elizabeth Higley Glauner, is mentioned in the book. I will be sharing tidbits from the book, which is now in the public domain (no copy write material) as I come across items that I think would be of interest to my friends. Here is the first such tidbit.

Six pages of text in the book are dedicated to Warren Higley. I am sharing one story for the collection.

 “The Patria Club, of which Judge Higley is the presiding officer, held its initial meeting at Sherry’s, April 23, 1891.

Shortly before that date, at a dinner of the New York councilors of the American Institute of Civics, over which Judge Higley presided, it was proposed to effect an organization including the members resident in New York City and vicinity, the object of which should be to promote the patriotic aims of the Institute, and be known as the ‘Patria Club,’ the membership to be open to ladies as well as gentlemen. Its first meeting was addressed by the right Rev. A. C. Coxe, bishop of the Western Diocese of New York, who made an able address upon ‘Standards of Citizenship and Government.’

This club, over which Judge Higley has presided for two years, now (1895) numbers about two hundred ladies and gentlemen in its membership, and is accomplishing a quiet but effective work in ‘the maintenance of high ideals in affairs of government.’

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