New Constitution

I fear that we (citizens of the USA) have been allowing our government to slide toward totalitarianism for too long. Our three “equal” branches of government have not served us well when it comes to restraining the Iron Law of Oligarchy.” In fact, the tree branches have been complicit with the two political parties in fostering a government system where tyranny/oligarchy seems inevitable.

I have a dream that we can do better by creating a more representative government where the people have direct control over their representatives without the intervention of party and money. I can see myself discussing issues that impact my life directly with 100 of my neighbors and selecting one of that group to represent us in our government. I trust my neighbors. I believe that any like group of 100 could come to the point where they would also trust their neighbors. I will be re-posting this little message from time to time with reasons why such an arrangement would be positive for our nation.

  • This time, I can see such gatherings improving the quality of neighborhood relations.
  • Such an arrangement would totally block any interference in our election from any unauthorized source.
  • There would be no need for money in politics. Please make the effort to find out how much money is spent annually on political campaigns. All the donations to political campaigns could be used to support those of our neighbors in need.

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